The Institute of Haitian Studies

Haitian Creole Poster

The Ties that Bind

Haiti, the United States, and the Art of Ulrick Jean-Pierre in Comparative Perspective
Spencer Museum of Art

The Institute of Haitian Studies (IHS) celebrates Haiti’s importance in the Americas as the first Black republic, as well as its historical, geopolitical, and cultural connections to the United States.

The IHS — the only one of its kind in Kansas and in the Great Plains region — was founded in 1992 and is housed in the Department of African and African-American Studies (Bailey Hall, Room 11).

We support and promote Haitian Studies by:

  • Teaching Haitian Creole and Haitian culture
  • Coordinating lectures and conferences about Haiti and related topics
  • Making scholarly resources about Haiti, both online and in print, available for public use

You can learn more about Haitian culture, history, and art by exploring:

We are affiliated with  the Department of African and African American Studies,  the Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies, and the Kansas African Studies Center.